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Rubber Coated Fabrics

Rubber Coated Fabrics

Rubber coated fabrics are typically manufactured using either the spread coating or calender coating process. These are flexible composite materials manufactured by applying bonding agents to fabric substrate and precisely coating it with different rubber compounds depending on the end-use of rubber-coated fabrics.
These coated fabrics are further cured to create a strong bond between the fabric and the rubber. It has good stability and is washable, durable and much stronger than uncoated fabrics. Rubber coated fabrics have specific characteristics such as low permeation and diffusion. They can be electrically non-conductive and can also be weather, oil and temperature resistant.

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    UniRub Techno India offers multiple types of rubber-coated fabrics with special characteristics for various applications such as abrasion resistance, barrier protection, air retention, flex resistance and resistance to chemical gases and fuels.

    We manufacture rubber-coated fabric with different elastomers like NBR, CR, Hypalon, silicon, HNBR, PVC nitrile and Viton etc. with various basic fabrics such as nylon, cotton and polyester for the different applications of Inflatable products and diaphragms. Providing you with the best range of Rubber Coated Fabrics with effective & timely delivery.