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Inflatable Life Jackets

Inflatable Life Jackets

UniRub Techno’s Inflatable Life Jackets are designed to be folded to take up minimal space when packed. There is nil dead buoyancy across the chest which means full freedom of movement for the user, which ultimately makes it easier to board the life raft or any marine craft. Extra comfort is being provided by a provision of a back panel and a side entry which ensures easy donning. Donning instructions are provided with the life jacket. Backed with a group of skilful experts, we are providing an extensive range of Inflatable Life Jackets. Furthermore, we present our products to clients at nominal rates.

These jackets are manufactured to equip all commercial vessels. They fully comply with the requirements of the regulations, which are mandatory for all life jackets used on-board Community ships. They are supplied in adult and child sizes. We are also a leading supplier of inflatable life jackets for the Indian Navy providing the jackets as per their requirements.


  • Longer life
  • Easy to use
  • Water resistance
  • Unique designs
  • Long-lasting

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    Advantages of Inflatable Life Jackets.

    UniRub Techno’s Inflatable Life Jackets is an economic life jacket available in auto and manual versions. The ultra-lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear and its webbing system makes it a user-friendly life jacket. This cost-effective life jacket is available in red and its transparent area allows the user to check the operating head function.

    • Lightweight and comfortable, construction with a focus on comfort
    • Contoured around head and neck
    • Rough, durable cover fabric in black nylon
    • Easy operated front buckle in stainless steel
    • Adjustment of waist webbing in the side
    • Crotch strap prevents ride-up of the lifejacket
    • Double buoyancy bladder in high-vis material
    • Asymmetric buoyancy bladder prevents waves from washing over the face and ensures self-righting performance.