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Helipad Membrane

Membrane surfacing portable for helipad is a Membrane of rubberized canvas developed for use as waterproof and Dust Proof surfacing for emergency Helipad for landing and Take-off of service Helicopters. It can be laid over the unprepared loose sandy soil to provide an Emergency Helipad. This kind of matting avoids the wear and tear of helicopter engines and rotor blades.

Our in-house expertise to design and develop rubber materials in a wide range able to manufacture and supply high-quality helipad membrane

UniRub Techno India’s helipad membrane sections are joined lengthwise to make a helicopter landing zone for exceptional situations such as forward arming, refuelling points, and medical evacuations.

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    • Provides temporary or semi-permanent matting
    • Ensures ground / environmental protection
    • Prevents Foreign Object Damage (FOD)
    • Alleviate brownout by suppressing dust and airborne debris
    • Facilitates multiple landings at the same location
    • Easily and safely deployed and recovered

    Product Details

    Panels of 17.8 x 5.4 Meters shall be joined lengthwise in the field to form one portion of the Helipad. Three such portions shall make one Helipad. The Membrane will be anchored in the trench on all 4 sides of the Helipad by using Discs and Pins.


    Surfacing portables for the Helipad along with accessories and spares can be packed in the dismantled condition in wooden crates/ cases.

    One complete set consists of the following components:

    • Membrane panels:- 18 nos. each 17.8 by 5.4 Meter
    • Adhesive in a container:- 50 liter
    • Cross-linking agent 2.5 liters
    • Discs:- 54 nos.
    • Pins Straight Headed:- 54 nos.
    • Stiffener plank ( Size 2400 x 400 x 9MM ) :- One Set ( Containing 8 planks
    • Plywood straight edge 2400x 150 x12mm : – 1 no.
    • Plywood straight edge 2400x 225 x12mm:- 1 no.
    • Brush flat 50mm wide:- 6 nos.
    • Enamel Bowls .75 litres :- 12 nos.
    • Hand Rollers:- 6 nos.