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Foundation cloth for carding Industries

Foundation Cloth for Carding Industry

We are the largest producer of premium quality foundation cloth, which is a specially designed multi-layer textile elastomer composite for the manufacture of carding systems in the cotton and woollen industry.

UniRub’s foundation cloth is available in different sizes ranging from 1 ply to 10 ply composites designed as per the requirements of carding machines. Apart from that, any combination of elastomer with textile can be developed as per customer requirements.

The Foundation card is made from a foundation cloth which is a robust intermediate flexible support embedded with diligently spaced wire pins.

Foundation cloth for Carding industry (From 1 Ply ,2 Ply , 3 Ply , 4 Ply 5 Ply 6 Ply 7 Ply and  9 Ply with rubber thickness 0.38 mm to 1.5mm in Cotton and Linen fabric) These are all customer-engineered products with a maximum width of 1650mm and variable thickness as per customer requirements.  Our Customers Groz-Beckert, Truetzschler, The Indian Card Clothing Company are using our foundation cloth

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    • Exceptional wear resistance.
    • Dimensionally stable
    • Fine texture finish
    • Long-lasting nature
    • Superior strength
    • Exceptional elasticity
    • Optimum quality
    • oil and ageing-resistant