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Unirub Techno’s Rubber Inflatable River Rafts are built for adventures and it’s a fisherman’s favorite and also popular

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The Unirub Inflatable Shelter provides an instant and effective shelter under any circumstances in any terrain.

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This is a self-supporting & self-rising, flexible, and collapsible tank for the storage of various types of liquids.

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Membrane surfacing portable for helipad is a Membrane of rubberized canvas developed for use as waterproof

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Rubber coated fabrics are typically manufactured using either the spread coating or calender coating process.

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UniRub Techno India Private Limited offers superior quality rubber sheets which are renowned for their excellent

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We are the largest producers of foundation cloth, which is a specially designed multi-layer textile elastomer

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Unirub Techno India Pvt. Ltd. a proven name in the field of operationally critical and high-tech Rubber Products has

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Inflatable Life Jackets

UniRub Techno’s Inflatable Life Jackets are designed to be folded to take up minimal space when packed.

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Unirub has been the forerunner in developing and manufacturing a wide range of inflatables (life rafts, life jackets

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BOATX - Copy - Copy

If you require a boat that provides a sense of security, excellent performance & easy handling then there is no boat

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The Unirub’s – air cell is suitable for flat-ended cylindrical mild steel conservators of oil-cooled power transformers.

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